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Victoria is the kind of city people dream of living in. Few other cities in the world offer such a magnetic blend of work opportunities, an accepting “you do you” culture and an outstanding quality of life on the edge of one of Canada’s great natural playgrounds.

KWENCH | James MacDonald

West Coat surf | James MacDonald

Pretty much year-round, you can “surf, mountain bike, and put in eight hours at the office all in one day,” according to Resonance Consultancy, which named Victoria as Canada’s #1 Best Small City. Of course, not everyone is big on recreation. Our music and arts scene thrives with people pursuing their passions for painting, dance, theatre and more.

Work opportunities in Victoria are abundant. We’re a tech city, a tourism city, a university city, a foodie city and a creative city. We’re also emerging as a life sciences centre of innovation and Canada’s Pacific hub for the sustainable blue economy.  What we offer is a high standard of living, competitive salaries and better life/work balance.

Jordan Dack, Haus of Owl | James MacDonald

 Stephanie Willerth, Axolotl Biosciences | Luke Liable

What unites us across our sectors is Victoria’s drive to make the world a better place and solve some of the planet’s biggest challenges, starting right here. For instance, some of the world’s leading organizations working on big issues like climate change are right here. So if you’re looking for a career with profound meaning for the future, you might just find it here. 

Victoria’s work culture values inclusivity and diversity, not just on paper but in practice. We know that when people come here from a variety of cultures, backgrounds and experiences and feel at home here, it strengthens all of us and creates a strong and vibrant city. 

EY Design Studio | Luke Liable

Victoria Tech Community Awards | Luke Liable

Victoria is a friendly city where people are happy to welcome newcomers and make them feel at home. Don’t be surprised how fast you’ll get to know people and how often you’ll bump into people you recognize in your daily activities because we’re a city with a small-town geniality.

Victoria is Waiting  

Victoria is Waiting  

Victoria is Waiting