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“The most important thing here is not what I do — it’s how I live my life,” says Tessa McLoughlin of KWENCH work and culture club.

James MacDonald Photography

In 2013, Tessa McLoughlin, an Australian expat, was a newly single mom living in Squamish. She was ready for something better and found herself drawn to Victoria, a vibrant Island university city with entrepreneurial upstarts and and a thriving creative community. So she upped and moved her young kids and started from scratch.

With the rise of the gig economy and a growing desire for multi-purpose and co-working workspaces, Tessa founded KWENCH, a full-service work and culture club for creative, ambitious thinkers and doers seeking more.

KWENCH has been an overwhelming success, garnering plaudits and awards. Importantly, KWENCH brings much-needed attention to our workspace needs and the crucial role of connectivity.

“The sole purpose of KWENCH is to increase individual happiness because I believe that the happier we are as individuals, the more connected we are as individuals, and the safer, happier and more innovative our societies are.”

James MacDonald Photography