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“The most important thing here is not what I do — it’s how I live my life,” says Tessa McLoughlin of KWENCH work and culture club.

James MacDonald Photography

In 2013, Tessa McLoughlin, an Australian expat, was a newly single mom living in Squamish. She was ready for something better, and Victoria caught her eye, an island seaside university town, with an entrepreneurial upstarts and artistic interests.  So she upped and moved her young kids and started from scratch.

She found it hard to grow a new network and keep up with it, and that led her to create KWENCH, a multi-purpose work space for people looking for connection. KWENCH has been an overwhelming success, drawing plaudits and awards and bring much-needed attention to our work-space needs and the importance of connectivity.

“The sole purpose of KWENCH is to increase individual happiness because I believe that the happier we are as individuals, the more connected we are as individuals, the safer, the happier, and the more innovative our societies are.”

James MacDonald Photography