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“It’s in the culture of Victoria to really uplift one another,” says Sam Mod of award-winning EY Design Studio.

Luke Liable Photography

Meet Sam Mod, the award-winning tech entrepreneur who got his start as a UVic student from India.

Needing some tuition funds for their MBA program, Sam and fellow student Rohit Boolchandani created app company Freshworks Studio in 2013, with few expectations. But it took off, and everything changed. Growth, success and industry plaudits followed, and in 2022, Freshworks was acquired by digital design studio EY Design.

“When I arrived in Victoria, I struggled to get going. I had no peers, no support, no funds, no networks. But I learned from my mistakes and was persistent. And the community responded. It’s just in the culture of Victoria, to really uplift each other and celebrate.”

Luke Liable Photography