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“Victoria is a really great place to be an artist,” says Coast Salish artist Dylan Thomas. “There’s a really cool vibe.”

Coast Salish artist Qwul’thilum (Dylan Thomas) is a name now well-known to the region’s art-lovers. But he has put in the time - a lifetime to be precise.

A member of the Lyackson First Nation, he was born in Victoria in 1986, and from the very beginning he longed to be an artist. But what form that would take remained elusive and he struggled to find direction. It wasn’t until he apprenticed with renowned Kwakwaka’wakw artist Rande Cook that the light went on and his path forward became clear.

Under Cook’s guidance, Dylan’s artistic expression expanded into all forms of visual art.

Today he skillfully blends his talents – jewelry, weaving, mosaics, mandalas, painting – and the influences that excite him, from geometrists to Escher. The outcome is stunning contemporary works built on traditional Salish design elements. Read more about Dylan’s work.

Luke Liable Photography