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Discover why Victoria was named “Canada’s Most Liveable City 2023” by the Globe & Mail and “Best City in the World 2023” by Condé Nast Traveller.

What makes Victoria an attractive place to live?

With creativity and innovation at its core, Greater Victoria is a vibrant, friendly place to live. The region features a mild climate with warm summers and mild winters. Its scenic location on the Pacific Ocean offers breathtaking views and access to outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, surfing and sailing, plus the region is the Cycling Canada of Canada. Greater Victoria has a strong sense of community with a rich cultural scene, including museums, galleries, theatres and festivals.

What are the educational opportunities in Victoria?

Victoria is home to prestigious institutions like the University of Victoria, Royal Roads University and Camosun College, offering a wide range of undergraduate, graduate and professional programs. The region also has excellent primary and secondary schools, both public and private.

What are the job prospects like in Victoria?

Victoria’s economy is diverse, with strong technology, tourism, education and government services sectors. The region’s ultra-low unemployment rate means employers are competitive in attracting and retaining talent. Championed by VIATEC, the region’s tech industry, in particular, has seen significant growth, making Greater Victoria a great place for IT professionals and entrepreneurs.  Emerging industries include life sciences and the blue economy.

What is the work-life balance like in Victoria?

Greater Victoria’s culture values work-life balance, with many employers offering flexible work arrangements. The proximity and abundance of natural beauty, a year-round temperate climate and diverse recreational activities, from dragon boating to cycling, provide ample opportunity to relax and recharge outside work.

What support is available for businesses in Victoria?

Greater Victoria has a stable, growing economy focusing on sustainability and innovation. We offer a supportive environment for business, with access to a vibrant and collaborative tech community, incubators, accelerators and networking events. The region is developing a reputation for incubating game-changing tech ideas and launching them to the world. In the past decade, it’s become a global player in software and app development, advanced manufacturing, and ocean tech and science.

The regional economic development agency, South Island Prosperity Partnership, and the region’s 5 chambers of commerce lead a collaborative business culture focused on creating a resilient economy and a business-friendly region. The local governments and B.C.’s provincial government offer various programs and incentives to support business growth and innovation.

Is Victoria’s location good for business?

Yes! The region’s West Coast location near Vancouver and Seattle provides businesses with strategic access to larger metropolitan areas and international markets, especially those in the Pacific Rim. Our region’s educated workforce, proximity to world-class research institutions and supportive business community make Greater Victoria an ideal place to start and grow a company.

What are the living costs in Victoria?

Victoria’s living costs are on par with major urban centres in Canada. Residents find the trade-off in the unparalleled quality of life. Above all, the city’s natural beauty, community warmth and collaborative innovation make Greater Victoria the most livable city in Canada.

Victoria is Rising  

Victoria is Rising  

Victoria is Rising