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“When it comes to work, Victoria is great — but also the ability to play [here]’!” says Dr. Dennis Kim of Vancouver Island Island Health. “No matter where you live, you’re minutes away from a beautiful trail or hike or the water — and it really has all those big city amenities.”

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Meet Dr. Dennis Kim, Medical Director of Trauma Services, Vancouver Island Health Authority.

Healthcare professionals like Dr. Dennis Kim often have their choice of places to live and work. But after 12 years in Southern California, Dennis and his wife decided to leave the smog and traffic of Los Angeles to return to Canada, where they had both grown up. In Greater Victoria, they found opportunity, a better quality of life, and a safe, healthy place to raise their family.

“I think that ‘aha’ moment came for me when I decided to do a locum at Royal Jubilee and Victoria General [hospitals]. It was really just meeting the people in the ICU and emergency room, and right off the bat getting a sense that this was just home.”

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